AKA on costly subscription fee complaints

AKA on costly subscription fee complaints

AKA on costly subscription fee complaints

AKA is worn out on grievances originating from individuals as respects the exorbitant membership charge to the AKA TV application.

Since the lockdown began which got each occasion dropped, the rapper propelled the application, in other to keep his fan alive.

However a tweep griped; “”Support neighborhood” they state, But it’s difficult to indiscriminately bolster without completely understanding what you are getting in to. It’s R50 now, R600 per year. What’s more, that is cash. So a few of us need to comprehend what we’re pursuing, I love otherwise known as yet I can’t simply indiscriminately bolster him.”

Accordingly, AKA uncovered all the cash put resources into the application and asked individuals to buy in.

“It costs me 40k per scene, 4 times each month, OUT OF MY OWN pocket at this moment. That is 160k p/m. I’m approaching you for 50 bucks. While not doing a solitary gig. I’m putting myself out there you despite everything whining. Hayi man. Simply purchase a ticket broer,” the star tweeted.

In any case, AKA says he’s finished with protests, on the off chance that at all you will grumble, at that point you more likely than not bought in to the application.

“Simply leave us as the Megacy to make the most of our #AKATV in harmony please … Nobody is constraining you.”

“I am just instrested in the objections and input of individuals that are right now bought in to #AKATV, Its called CUSTOMER administration which is as it should be.”

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